Sept. 2010 edition: Now on newsstandsIt took a 7.0 earthquake, one of the worst natural disasters in history, for the Obama Administration to grant Haitians Temporary Protected Status (TPS), which commentators long before said was merited due to four... Read more
Manolia CharlotinEarly Tuesday morning I finally received the call I had waited anxiously for. “Koman ou ye, Manolia?” Melinda excitely boomed through the cell phone. “M’ap kenbe” I responded.   Melinda Miles, co-founder and executive director of Konbit... Read more
The following excerpts are from an open letter to President Barack Obama shared with the Reporter by Boston resident Guerton Auguste. Dear Mr. President, As the crisis in Haiti, brought on by the earthquake of January 12, 2010, continues to evolve, we in... Read more
Nancy Rachel RousseauOn January 16, over 85 organizations pulled together in response to the earthquake that hit Haiti just four days earlier.  What is now being referred to as the “Hibernian Miracle” by some was an event that galvanized the humanitarian... Read more
Fafa GiraultMarie St. Fleur’s election to the House of Representatives in July 1999 made her the first Haitian-American elected official in Massachusetts. That distinction also makes her planned departure — at the end of the current term next January —... Read more
Karl SalomonSince the 1980s, the level of remittance to Haiti has dramatically increased, and so has Haiti’s dependence on the Diaspora. According to the Inter-American Development Bank, Haitians abroad remitted $1.87 billion (US) to their relatives in... Read more
Last month Haiti’s Provisional Electoral Council (PEC) took the undemocratic and dangerous step of eliminating 13 political parties, including Haiti’s most popular party, Fanmi Lavalas, from Parliamentary elections scheduled for February and March 2010.... Read more
Q. I’m planning on a vacation trip out of the United States soon. Is there anything in particular that I should keep in mind? A. You didn’t mention your immigration status, which is, of course, a key fact. In any event, as it happens US Customs and... Read more
Q. What are the basic requirements for a visa that would allow me to study at a university in the United States? A. US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) applies a number of criteria in determining whether a prospective international student... Read more
On a cold snowy night in Boston’s South End, The Philanthropic Initiative (TPI) hosted the 19th Annual Neighborhood Fellows Banquet to honor Boston’s unsung heroes on March 3 (2009). The Neighborhood Fellows grants unrestricted $30,000 personal cash... Read more
To the Editor: I write in response to the commentary published in your February (2009) edition entitled “Change Haiti Can Believe In”. I am relieved knowing that there are people who are still deeply concerned about Haiti’s past and current conditions.... Read more
Q. I filed an adjustment of status (AOS) application to become a legal permanent resident in the U.S. based on my marriage to a U.S. citizen. I received a card authorizing me to work legally in the U.S., and I understand that I probably will have my... Read more
Q. My sister is in the US in undocumented status and has been in an abusive marriage for some time. Her husband is a US citizen and has refused to cooperate with her in an application for a green card. Is there a way that she can do this on her own?... Read more
Haitian labor activists applauded the Preval administration's decision to raise the minimum wage in Haiti from 70 to 200 gourdes ($5.50 USD) per day. However, the increase has been strongly opposed by Haitian industrialists. Georges Sassine, president of... Read more