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Patrick Sylvain Fighting for power at the expense of the nation is nothing new in Haiti. A paternalistic state that has thrived on totalitarianism and corruption, Haiti’s history as a cohesive political nation was short lived. And today, Haiti cannot... Read more
Jocelyn McCalla President Michel “Sweet Micky” Martelly faces daunting challenges and high expectations as he prepares to preside atop a dysfunctional government. Amongt his challenges are a newly minted parliament that seeks to score high early on.... Read more
Patrick Sylvain “The Haitian Revolution was accomplished on the one hand by slaves who were fighting primarily for the right to own themselves; and on the other by men, half free, who were contending primarily for the other half of freedom—their rights as... Read more
Melinda Miles At the Place St. Pierre there are considerably fewer families living under tarps then there were only a couple of months ago. The Mayor of Petionville’s program of offering each family 20,000 Haitian gourdes (about $500 US) to leave the park... Read more
Bill ForryThe idea to spin off a specific English language newspaper in the Boston Haitian community was one that I had long cultivated as the editor of the Dorchester Reporter, which my parents founded in 1983. The Haitian paper was loosely modeled on... Read more
Patrick SylvainOne could consider Michel Joseph Martelly’s recent election a sequel to Graham Greene’s The Comedians. It seems as though everything in Haiti is either a comedy or tragedy; the political emergence of a popular singer known for his... Read more
Régine Michelle Jean-CharlesWhen International Women’s Day was first celebrated 100 years ago, it began as a day to honor the contributions of women to the various areas of life—historic, social, economic, literary, and development. Today it should also... Read more
1990 meeting: President Ertha Pascal-Trouillot, left, meets with former U.S President Jimmy Carter on Saturday, Dec. 15, 1990 at the National Palace in Port-au-Prince. Carter came to Haiti as an observer for the Dec. 16 national elections. AP Photo/Scott... Read more
The second round of Haiti's presidential election is in full swing. The candidates, Mirlande Manigat and Michel Martelly, are both drawing large crowds at their rallies. The blogosphere is abuzz about which candidate deserves to win and several key... Read more
It’s hard when researching Haitian history as a Black American to not focus on the seminal moment of the revolution for independence. As I searched for a link between this month’s celebration of Black History and the history of Haiti, it’s easy to focus... Read more
At a January 31 State House Haiti remembrance event with Governor Deval Patrick, Representative Linda Dorcena Forry eloquently urged President Obama to instruct Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Napolitano to promptly “parole” into the U.S.... Read more
Patrick SylvainThe narrative that proclaims that slavery is a thing of the past and therefore must be forgotten or silenced, is a dangerous and a counter-productive account that is useful only to its benefactors. Likewise, the narrative that claims that... Read more
Haiti - The country is small and accessible and, following last January's earthquake, it hosts one of the largest and best-funded international aid deployments in the world. An estimated 12,000 non-governmental organizations are there. Why then, have... Read more
Haitian Americans and their supporters can play a vital role in helping perhaps 600,000 Haitians and Haitian Americans in Haiti and the United States by urging Massachusetts’ U.S. Senators Brown and Kerry to get the White House to instruct Department of... Read more
Patrick SylvainOn January 19th, when Haitian president René Préval was asked by Juliana Ruhfus of Al Jazeera who was in charge of Haiti, he sarcastically replied, “the President of this country, if I remember correctly, his name is René Préval, and he is... Read more
Patrick Sylvain“Let us learn together and laugh together and work together and pray together, confident that in the end we will triumph together in the right.” — Jimmy Carter, Inaugural Address, January 20, 1977 All republics that embrace democracy as a... Read more
Voices from across the political spectrum in both Haiti and the United States, joined by human rights groups, and most importantly, Haitian voters—have warned both Haitian and U.S. government that the deeply flawed elections in Haiti currently scheduled... Read more
The higher education system in Haiti, which faced numerous structural challenges and academic difficulties prior to the earthquake last January, collapsed. The major task ahead is to rebuild a higher education system conducive to the future economic,... Read more
Haitian women are poised to pioneer the use of mobile phones in new ways that can help women across the globe to fight gender-based violence. Leveraging mobile phones, they are working to develop systems that can benefit women everywhere in accessing... Read more
On November 28, Haiti faces one of the most important elections since its first democratic election in 1990. Wyclef Jean’s run for President of Haiti was entertaining and brought a few weeks of limelight to the crucial elections. Before the media... Read more