Patrick SylvainChildhood treks, I conjure up memories of happiness as I experienced the countryside at times with my father, and at other times with my older cousin, who were both too happy to replenish themselves with fresh air while also taking time to... Read more
The contamination of Haiti’s Artibonite River with cholera bacteria by the UN’s MINUSTAH (the French acronym for the UN Peacekeeping force in Haiti) soldiers was no accident, but a risk that was well known and could have been easily avoided. Now that 542,... Read more
Reginald ToussaintYoung Haitian-Americans need to put their money where their mouths are and make Haiti their next vacation destination. We are often critical of Haiti and its government but are short on offering solutions. Visiting Haiti will infuse much... Read more
Faith's LegacyThe following chapter excerpt is from the book Faith’s Legacy: A Haitian-American Family’s Journey of Faith Across Three Generations. The book, published by WestBow Press, is the work of Fabiola Powell, a Haitian-American woman who was born... Read more
Mounting death tolls and calls for justice are intensifying the pressure on the United Nations to address the cholera epidemic it started in Haiti. Cholera has raged through Haiti like a wildfire for 16 months, leaving 7,050 dead and sickening 531,000,... Read more
“I still remember my 10th birthday, “ says Jermen, who was born without arms. “It was on that day I was told that my parents had abandoned me. I knew then why I was here.” Sadly, this is the fate of most children with disabilities in Haiti. A 2009 BBC... Read more
BHR 3-12The March edition of the Boston Haitian Reporter.Following the demise of the Duvalier dictatorship in 1986, Haiti enlisted a series of measures to heal the wounds of its venomous past. A new, more democratic constitution was written in 1987,... Read more
On Feb 3 at 6pm, BHR hosts a book launch at Harvard's Starr Auditorium - 79 JFK st in CambridgeAn excerpt from "Tectonic Shifts: Haiti Since the Earthquake", edited by Mark Schuller and Pablo Morales ...I realize that in focusing on this issue of... Read more
Kafou Ayopo camp: May 23 Destruction of the Camp at the Airport Road Intersection: Mayor Wilson Jeudy of Delmas was the first local official in the Port-au-Prince metropolitan area to begin illegally dismantling the camps of internally displaced people.... Read more
Reginald ToussaintPresident Michel Martelly’s plan to reinstate the armed forces has stirred a lot of controversy in the international community. On the surface, the debate is about the allocation of resources and the army’s history of human rights abuses... Read more
In many senses the lack of progress following Haiti’s earthquake centers on housing. Assessing the damage, a team evaluated 382,256 housing units in Port-au-Prince. Of these, 205,539 were tagged “green,” ready for human habitation, 99,043 “yellow,”... Read more
The US response to the earthquake in Haiti has received ample attention. In the process, several common critiques emerged. Some said aid was disbursed too slowly; others pointed to glaring flaws in individual programs; and of course, many noted that... Read more
The Haitian Diaspora has long maintained close ties to Haiti. Over the many decades Haitians have been immigrating to the US, they have continued to support their brothers and sisters in Haiti by sending remittances, and by standing in solidarity with... Read more
Patrick SylvainPresident Martelly declared education and fighting corruption among his highest priorities in the reconstruction of Haiti. Simultaneously, he extended a participatory hand to some of the country’s former leaders — known human rights... Read more
Ilio DurandisThe American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) recently published Science for Haiti: A Report on Advancing Haitian Science and Science Education capacity, which sets the stage for Haitian policy makers to incorporate science... Read more
Imagine buying a house, a place to call home. The mortgage is paid on time and the yard is maintained. Then suddenly the mortgage rate shoots up from 6% to 18% because it is a variable rate mortgage. Many calls are made to the lender and but go unreturned... Read more
Haitians are sometimes baffled when I tell them that I do not speak Creole (Kreyòl); rather, that I speak Haitian, the language of a politically and culturally established independent nation. Once I explain my position, they either agree with my reasoning... Read more
A photo session during the Solidar’IT web-journalism training at RSF Operational Media Centre in Bourdon. By Frederick Alexis Haitian media have an essential role to ensure that Haiti and its reconstruction stay in the news -- now that international... Read more
Patrick Sylvain As an individual who is at the apex of symbolic political power, President Michel Martelly lacks sufficient material and procedural power to be an effective president, even if his desire is to truly transform Haiti. He is removed from the... Read more
The Haitian Government is violating the rights of Haitians more seriously than the non-governmental organizations (NGOS). During recent weeks, destroying the camps of the internally displaced people has become something normal. And now the Mayor Jean-Yves... Read more