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In April, members of the Tufts University School of Dental Medicine Chapter of the Student National Dental Association participated in a global service-learning trip to Haiti. This trip was led by members of the National Dental Association’s (NDA) Global... Read more
More than 58,000 Haitians living in the United States, including 4,700 in Massachusetts, will have their temporary immigration protections extended for six months, a timeframe some Bay State officials said Monday is not long enough. Haitian nationals were... Read more
Parents of prospective students got a first look at the new K1 dual language Haitian Creole program at the Mattahunt school last Wednesday night. The program, which would roll out with the opening of the new Mattapan Early Elementary School for the 2017/... Read more
BOSTON (AP) - A U.S. human rights organization filed a federal lawsuit Thursday in Massachusetts against the former mayor of a small town in Haiti on behalf of three Haitian citizens who allege he violently persecuted them. The former mayor, Jean Morose... Read more
Men Anpil, Chay Pa Lou Haitian cholera victims and diaspora leaders abroad are turning up the pressure on powerful governments around the world, asking them to use their influence to press the UN to provide justice and reparations to the hundreds of... Read more
Haiti’s President, Michel Martelly, is reaching a crossroads with his relationship with Haitians at home and in the diaspora, as well as with the United States government. As the evidence of fraud and other irregularities in Haiti’s elections mount,... Read more
The history textbooks and official propaganda of Haitian governments since 1915 have perpetuated the notion that it was the “collapse of order” occasioned by the events of July 27th and 28th of that year (including the attack by pro-Caco masses against... Read more
Throughout its history Haiti was victimized by many, but it survived as an independent country until the US occupation of July 28, 1915. From the outset, the invaders, mostly men from the former Southern Confederate States, still resentful of the outcome... Read more
The centennial, on July 28, of the start in 1915 of the 19-year occupation of Haiti by the U.S. brings back to Haitians everywhere feelings of frustration and revolt. We just can’t come to terms with the disgrace of the violation by hostile foreign troops... Read more
Patrick SylvainOne would hope a country with institutional memories tries to avoid mistakes from the past by using the past as guiding posts for policies, and, or, as teaching tools so that future generations can learn from mistakes, as well as from... Read more
Human Rights Delegation Encounters Hundreds Fleeing the Dominican Republic into Haiti in Harrowing Conditions Bus prepares to cross border into Haiti.In 2013, decision 168-13 by the Dominican Constitutional Court set in motion a series of events that... Read more
Haiti’s cholera victims have taken another important step toward justice with respect to the deadly epidemic caused by the United Nations (UN). On May 27, the victims filed their legal brief in an appeal of an earlier court decision dismissing their... Read more
AmChamAfter having lobbied for over 10 years, AmCham Haiti will finally host the AACCLA regional summer conference known as the Business Future of the Americas, in Port-au-Prince at the new Marriott Hotel, from June 15 to 17, 2015. The theme of the... Read more
Patrick SylvainI was barely five years old when François Duvalier died and his nineteen year-old-son was sworn in as President in April 1971. This was done after the Haitian constitution was amended with neither national referendum nor proper... Read more
In March and April, the Irish International Immigrant Center assisted 165 Haitian individuals and families renew their Temporary Protected Status (“TPS”) with many having already been approved and received their work permits. TPS also provides... Read more
The Appellate Court decision last month to reinstate political violence crimes against former dictator Jean-Claude “Baby Doc” Duvalier was a momentous victory for Haitians all over the world. The court courageously challenged the impunity of the justice... Read more
The conversation about HIV stigma is well overdue in the Haitian community. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) surveillance data for HIV, from 2001 to 2007, Haitians accounted for 66.9 percent of the estimated 100,013 black... Read more
Jean-Claude'Baby' DuvalierEditor's Note: Jean-Claude Duvalier died at age 63 on Oct. 3, 2014 in Port-au-Prince. This article by Patrick Sylvain was written in 2013. As the country rapidly disintegrated into institutionalized chaos, with Port-au-Prince,... Read more
On March 23, 2013, the Boston Haiti community will have an opportunity to join and amplify the fight for justice for Haiti’s cholera victims by participating in an event organized by the Boston-based Institute for Justice & Democracy in Haiti (IJDH)... Read more
Patrick SylvainThe relative jubilee over Michel Martelly’s victory in the Haitian presidential elections after the statistical rearrangements by the Organization of American States soon after the primaries in March 2011 that had placed Martelly in second... Read more