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Cruel. Heartless. Wrong. Counter-productive. Choose your favorite adjective to describe the Trump administration’s plans to eliminate Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Haitians impacted by the country’s devastating 2010 earthquake and subsequent... Read more
The international community is speaking out against the Dominican Republic’s reckless immigration crackdown that targets people of Haitian descent. Newspapers, human rights groups and a few key political leaders here in the United States are stepping up... Read more
Justice was served last week at the federal courthouse when the surviving Boston Marathon bomber was convicted of murdering our young neighbor, Martin Richard, and three other people — and maiming scores more— on Patriots Day in 2013. The outcome was... Read more
Elizabeth Warren ran an awesome, grassroots campaign — particularly in Boston, where she won more than 80 percent of the vote against a still-popular (in many quarters) incumbent, Scott Brown. Many people can, and will, get credit locally. The Democratic... Read more
Elizabeth Warren: She's earned our support in Tuesday's election.The act of electing an “independent Republican” to represent Massachusetts in the United State Senate two years ago was, in some ways, a worthwhile exercise. Senator Scott Brown sometimes... Read more
Trayvon Martin: Murdered on Feb. 26; his killer remains at large.Florida’s beaches and theme parks make it the top tourist destination in the United States. But based on certain recent events, it’s time for those of us making travel plans for the next... Read more
On Jan. 30, Investigative Magistrate Carves Jean handed down a ruling on the Jean-Claude Duvalier case, recommending that all human rights charges against Duvalier be dropped and that he be tried instead in a lesser court on charges of financial... Read more
Following the Jan. 12, 2010 earthquake, the American Red Cross raised more money than any other American relief organization working in Haiti – a whopping $486 million from 60 percent of American households. In its newly-released update on its response to... Read more
Immediately after the earthquake the White House granted eligible Haitians already living in the United States the chance to remain and work here legally for 18 months through Temporary Protected Status (TPS). On May 17, 2011, more than 16 months after... Read more
In almost two years we’ve covered numerous stories about the challenging path to recovery and reconstruction for Haiti – since the earthquake that split our collective memory and testimony into two – before and after January 12, 2010. Throughout these... Read more
On July 14, a group of leaders from the Haitian diaspora launched a national listening tour in Boston. The Haitian Fund for Innovation and Reconstruction (HFIR) based in New York, Konbit for Haiti out of Florida, the Lambi Fund from Haiti, and Oxfam... Read more
In the 18 months since the earthquake, the Haitian community has remained fervently involved in Haiti’s recovery and reconstruction. Diaspora leaders, Haiti scholars and human rights advocates have held numerous conferences, community meetings and forums... Read more
This month we celebrate the legacy of International Women's day and Women's History Month by featuring remarkable women in the Haitian community. From Rep. Linda Dorcena Forrry and Carline Desire, a domestic violence advocate to Natasha Archer, a young... Read more
LSecretary Clinton with Mirlande Manigatast year, the United States spent an estimated $14 million to stage national elections in Haiti – even though over 45 members of Congress, led by the Congressional Black Caucus, strongly advised against it. They... Read more
BHR 12-10 front pageOn Tuesday night, the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) announced the preliminary results from the November 28 elections in Haiti. President Rene Preval’s party Inite (Unity) won the majority of seats in parliament. Of the... Read more
The fall brings many things to the Haitian community. A local election in which Mattapan residents, a huge contingent of whom are of Haitian descent, proved themselves to be a force at the polls. Governor Deval Patrick won a second term. He’ll have a... Read more
BHR October 2010The Boston Haitian Reporter, the region's leading source for news and information in the Haitian-American community, endorsed the re-election of Gov. Deval Patrick in its October edition, in circulation on Oct. 8. The full text of the... Read more
“For me right now, I feel like God sent me here for a purpose. Nothing’s happened to me, not a scrape. I’m doing all these things. I thought when I’d see blood I’d pass out. I’m not. I’m carrying dead bodies. I’m pulling people out with my own hands. I... Read more
The news coming out of Haiti is horrible. The images are heart-breaking. The damages are catastrophic. The suffering seems limitless. Large parts of Port-au-Prince lie in rubble. A shaky YouTube video shot just before dusk on Tuesday from a hill... Read more
Editor’s Note: This editorial was produced in association with New America Media (, a national association of ethnic media, and was published by ethnic media across the country this week to bring attention to the urgency of immigration... Read more