Codman Health Center named to Top 100 Women-Led companies list

Sandra Cotterell

For the sixth consecutive year, Codman Square Health Center has been named one of the Top 100 Women-Led Businesses in Massachusetts by the Commonwealth Institute and The Boston Globe. Codman is led by CEO Sandra Cotterell, RN who has been at the center since 1994 and CEO since 2011.

The Commonwealth Institute is a nonprofit that supports women-led businesses, and it considers revenue, operating budgets, number of full-time employees, diversity, innovative projects, and more when it weighs candidates and organizations for the Top 100 list.

In a recent interview with Cotterell, she commented on how she inspires other women to leadership.

“The inspiration to lead is a little different than the inspiration to care for patients, and it’s important that women in health care see that those in leadership roles can make a real difference in patient care, staff satisfaction, and in their community.”

Codman Square Health Center is open 7 days a week, serves over 22,000 patients with over 115,000 annual visits, and has a staff of more than 320. A majority of its staff are members of the Dorchester community.