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Get help renewing Temporary Protected Status at IIIC

In March and April, the Irish International Immigrant Center assisted 165 Haitian individuals and families renew their Temporary Protected Status (“TPS”) with many having already been approved and received their work permits. TPS also provides eligibility for in-state tuition.

When renewal of Temporary Protect Status for Haitians was announced in March 2014, a full month earlier than expected, the IIIC immediately responded in order to smoothly handle the renewal period.

Thanks to an Arbella Insurance Foundation grant, IIIC was able to provide the legal and administrative support necessary for TPS renewal at minimal or no cost to the immigrants served.

Boston has the third largest Haitian immigrant community of any city in the US. Throughout its history, IIIC has had a strong relationship with Boston’s Haitian community, serving more Haitians than any other group except for Irish immigrants. IIIC helped Haitian immigrants apply for TPS during the initial application process, and with the renewal process in the years since. During 2010 and 2012, IIIC’s legal services staff worked tirelessly to represent these applicants in their cases.

The original deadline for TPS registration was May 2, but it has now been extended until July 22.

Anyone who has not yet renewed their TPS should call us for an appointment. We also offer free legal consultations during our weekly walk-in clinics, and also represent immigrants in a variety of immigration cases, including permanent residence, family unity and citizenship. We have six immigration attorneys on staff and fifteen volunteer attorneys and are eager to help.

We wish all our Haitian friends success, and many blessings for their time in the United States.

Nou swete tout zanmi Ayisyen nou-yo siksè ak benediksyon pandan sejou-yo nan Eta Zini.

Please call us at 617-542-7654 or go to our website,, for more information.