On and off the field, Ernst Cleophat “always ready” to win

Every school’s athletic department has one game that stands out from the rest. For Suffolk University, that game came in the spring of 1989, when the men’s soccer team played Northeastern University.
“Imagine, a Division III institution playing a Division I school,” remembered Ernst Cleophat from his home in Augusta, Georgia. “You’re talking about more skilled, talented players. But my teammates and I, we didn’t see it like that. We saw ourselves as soccer players,” he said.

Zamor recovering from auto accident in Haiti

On Wednesday, March 4 Riche Zamor and two colleagues from the University of Fondwa were in an automobile, traveling from Fondwa, Haiti to the capitol city of Port au Prince.
Zamor was barely two months into his stint at University President. The former executive director of Boston’s Haitian Multi-Service Center, Dr. Zamor had left that post to assume his new duties in Haiti in late December.
On that day in March, President Zamor and two members of his academic faculty, professors Amenold Pierre and Vital Gerard, were involved in an horrific traffic accident.

Immigration Q&A: Leaving the U.S. is easy; getting back in may be hard

Q. I filed an adjustment of status (AOS) application to become a legal permanent resident in the U.S. based on my marriage to a U.S. citizen. I received a card authorizing me to work legally in the U.S., and I understand that I probably will have my green card interview fairly soon. Could I now fly back to Ireland for a couple of weeks this summer, before I actually receive permanent resident status? I haven’t been home in a couple of years, and I want to introduce my wife to my family.

Immigration Q&A: Abusive Marriage, Legal Permanent Residence: Help is Available

Q. My sister is in the US in undocumented status and has been in an abusive marriage for some time. Her husband is a US citizen and has refused to cooperate with her in an application for a green card. Is there a way that she can do this on her own? Also, she is planning to leave her husband and go to a shelter. What kind of documents should she take with her when she leaves?

Civic leader Wilner Auguste honored with three awards this spring

Wilner Auguste, founder of the Haitian-Americans United, Inc. (H.A.U.) of Massachusetts has been named a 2009 Ambassador of Hope for Haiti by Eritaj Foundation. An organization based in Framingham and Port-au-Prince since 1999, Eritaj Fondation seeks to promote organizational, social and economic development in Haiti. The foundation gives the title of Ambassador of Hope for Haiti to any person who promotes a healthier legacy for Haiti by contributing to the advancement of education, Haitian art, music, community health and development.

Friends mourn Mattapan man killed in Blue Hill Ave. accident

A Mattapan man well-loved in Boston’s tight-knit Haitian community lost his life on May 20 when his motorcycle collided with a car on Blue Hill Avenue near the corner of Clarkwood Street. Yves Guery, Jr. 28, died at the scene of the accident, which happened at about 3:30 p.m.
Geury — or “Junior” as he was widely known— was a motorcycle enthusiast who enjoyed traveling to his native Haiti, dancing and working out, was mourned this week by friends and family who recalled his ready smile and willingness to help others.

Brockton-based health outfit celebrates 11 years of success

“We will work with anyone, regardless of their beliefs, if it will benefit the community,” says Frantz A. Louizia, Executive Director of Massachusetts Community Health Services, Inc., (MCHS). It’s this philosophy that is likely at the root of the Brockton-based organization’s success.
Last month, the organization celebrated its eleventh year of providing health education services to the Haitian community of Brockton and the surrounding areas. This is pleasantly surprising considering how MCHS came into existence.

Mondesir honored as ‘Health Champion’

Dr. Eno Mondesir was awarded as a Health Champion by Whittier Street Health Center at the Boston’s Premier Men’s Health Summit held on Saturday, June 6 at Reggie Lewis Track and Athletic Center in Roxbury, Massachusetts. Dr. Mondesir has been working for the Boston Public Health Commission for the last 12 years. Presently, he is part of the Infectious Disease Bureau, the department that handles all the communicable diseases issues for the City of Boston. Prior to that, Dr. Mondesir directed an HIV/AIDS program in the Haitian Community.

Haitian government raises minimum wage to $5.50 per day

Haitian labor activists applauded the Preval administration's decision to raise the minimum wage in Haiti from 70 to 200 gourdes ($5.50 USD) per day. However, the increase has been strongly opposed by Haitian industrialists. Georges Sassine, president of ADIH (an association of Haitian industrialists) warned that the wage increase would cost tens of thousands of jobs. He claimed that similar minimum wage increases in Cambodia have proven disastrous.

Manno Charlamagne’s voice moved a nation; Homegrown talent Fontaine makes an impression

Manno Charlemagne
Les Inedits (unedited)
Songs of Manno Charlemagne

His was the voice and conscience of the generation of Haitian men and women who ousted the Duvalier regime in the early 1980s. Manno Charlemagne also helped to usher in Haiti’s first attempt at Democratic government ten years later.


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