Haitian-American artist featured in City Hall exhibit

The Mayor's Office of Arts + Culture will feature “Borderless Bird," an exhibition of paintings by Colette Bresilla of East Boston, beginning on April 6. The exhibition will hang in the Mayors Gallery on the fifth floor of Boston City Hall until May 15.

"I am proud to feature artwork from a member of Boston's Haitian community," said Mayor Walsh. "Colette's remarkable paintings will undoubtedly inspire the public, and I hope everyone has an opportunity to stop by and visit."

“Creating 'art' is sometimes a channel of responding to the world we live in, by expressing the joy as well as the horror with the current state of social, political and economic affairs," said Bresilla in a statement issued through the mayor's office. "My paintings are the result of such realities, which convey the sweetness and the bitterness of our everyday life. My inspirations are drawn from meditation, certain genres of music, reading, and observing people interact.

"Concentrating on the female figure, especially the Japanese geisha, being a Haitian-born artist I try to explore and explode traditional conceptions of women, presenting the viewers with figures who appeal to and confound them. The drawings and lush paintings convey the undeniable realities of women’s struggles across national and cultural boundaries. Also as a “Borderless Bird,” I value the time I have spent in countries in West Africa and Europe, especially Paris, where my mind and eyes absorb what these rich cultures have to offer to inspire me to share what I have experienced through my art."

The Galleries at Boston City Hall are open to the public at no charge.