Haitian man indicted for causing trans-Atlantic flight to be diverted to Boston

A 60 year-old Haitian man was indicted on Oct. 10 for allegedly "interfering with flight crew members" on a trans-Atlantic flight from Miami to Paris. The Aug. 27 incident caused the flight to be diverted to Boston.

Edmond Alexandre, 60, who lives in Paris, France, began the incident by arguing with other passengers over a reclined seat about two hours after takeoff, according to the FBI. After a member of the flight crew intervened, Alexandre "chased the crew member down the aisle of the plane and grabbed the crew member’s arm. Federal Air Marshals intervened and subdued Alexandre. The captain of the flight diverted the plane to Boston’s Logan International Airport where Alexandre was arrested," according to an FBI statement.

Alexandre faces up to 20 years in prison for the offense.