Linda Dorcena Forry sworn in as State Senator

Sen. Linda Dorcena Forry, introduced by Senate President Therese Murray as "another Dorchester girl," joined the Upper Chamber just after 2 p.m. Thursday after being sworn in by Gov. Deval Patrick.

"There is work we are going to do together," a jubilant Dorcena Forry said in remarks from the Senate rostrum.

Dorcena Forry called for her colleagues to work together and to rise above politics and campaigning, and described Murray, a Plymouth Democrat with Dorchester roots, as "an inspiration to me."

Dorcena Forry recalled arriving at the State House 17 years ago out of Boston College to work for former Rep. Charlotte Golar Richie, who is running for mayor of Boston.

She called building partnerships the key to being an effective lawmaker, saluting the late Gov. Paul Cellucci, a Republican, for his efforts to work with Democrats. "Senators, you will find in me a willing partner, an active listener, and I hope a reliable counselor," said Dorcena Forry, a first generation Haitian-American. "Many of you are friends already, and those who aren't we will be. I don't care what party tag you carry, I'm here like you to get things done."

Dorcena Forry thanked Jack Hart, her predecessor, for his "fine service" of the Senate district over the past ten years, as well as former Sen. Paul White and former Senate President William Bulger, who was on hand with his wife Mary.

Dorcena Forry won a special election last month to succeed former Sen. Hart.