Sen. Kerry sponsors bill to hold Haiti aid groups accountable

Senator John Kerry (D-Mass.) has co-sponsored a bill to evaluate the progress on all post-quake aid efforts in Haiti. Through this bill, Assessing Progress in Haiti Act, U.S. agencies would be held accountable for effective use of aid funds that bolsters the Haitian government and participation of the civil society.

In a statement released today, Senator Kerry said that the transition to long-term recovery needs to ensure "our relief efforts are doing the most possible for people who need them."

"This legislation will hold agencies accountable for the work they’re doing in Haiti, and encourage them to work directly with the grassroots groups who have a personal commitment to helping Haiti recover,” said Sen. Kerry.

This bill includes reporting requirements for US officials to work more closely with local Haitian authorities -- and in better coordination with international donors -- to protect vulnerable populations ( such as the 600,000 internally displaced homeless survivors); improve sanitation and access to water and healthcare; and engage community-based groups and the Haitian Diaspora in the recovery process.

There's also a requirement that the funds help strengthen Haiti’s capacity to safely receive and integrate Haitian nationals living abroad.

"I applaud the willingness of the Haitian community abroad – including many here in Massachusetts – to play a positive role in rebuilding Haiti."