Western Union offers "no fee" money transfers

Western Union, the money transfer company, has begun offering "no fee" money transfers to Haiti today, the company tells the Haitian Reporter. The company says the offer is good on "any amount sent to Haiti from the United States, Canada and France... for a period of seven days, once service is reestablished throughout the country, when sending money to Haiti from the U.S., Canada and in France, in cooperation with our Agents."
The company noted in a press release: "Western Union is not changing a transfer fee, however the conversion of currency may result in a foreign exchange gain. Western Union pays out in US dollars in Haiti."
The company says it will contribute $150,000 towards disaster relief efforts and the Western Union Foundation will donate an additional $100,000 to help provide basic human relief efforts such as food, safe drinking water, access to sanitation facilities, clothing and temporary shelter through Mercy Corps and Save the Children response teams actively working in Haiti.
"The damages in Haiti are catastrophic, leaving the country in need of immediate support," said Stewart A. Stockdale, executive vice president and president, The Americas. "The hearts of all Western Union employees go out to everyone affected by this disaster, including to our colleagues with families and friends in Haiti."