St. Fleur: Red Cross needs 100 interpreters to go to Haiti

Rep. Marie St. Fleur passes along word that the American Red Cross needs 100 Creole speaking interpreters who can join relief efforts aboard a US hospital ship bound for Haiti. It is a minimum one month commitment.

"The American Red Cross is looking to deploy 100 Creole interpreters to work on the hospital ship USNS Comfort, which will be harbored outside Port-a u-Prince.
Volunteers need to be fluent in Creole and English. Other skills are helpful but not required.
Things to keep in mind: (1) The ship will be deployed for a month; (2) volunteers won't be able to leave the ship during that time; and (3) they will not have luxurious quarters. It is important to stress the second point: The interpreters will stay on the ship to assist and won't be able to get off the ship to see family in Haiti.
We are looking for volunteers to be in Miami no later than Wednesday night/Thursday morning (January 20/21). The Red Cross may be able to provide accommodations for those coming from out of town.
All volunteers would be fully trained, either in Miami, or at their home chapters of the Red Cross before they come to Miami.
Again, no skills are required beyond speaking both Creole and English.
Anyone interested in this opportunity will be contacted ASAP with additional steps."

Interested parties should send an e-mail here: