Poll: Two-thirds of Haitian-Americans willing to return to Haiti to help

A poll sponsored by New American Media and released today gives new insight into just how deeply the American Dyaspora has been affected by the Jan. 12 earthquake.The poll, conducted last week in both English and Kreyol, suggests that "three out of five respondents said they had lost some of their 'loved ones.' Two-thirds felt the situation in their country was so dire they were willing to move back to Haiti for a period of time to help with the reconstruction.
NAM's editor Andrew Lam continues, "A large majority of those interviewed said that they have been sending remittances back home on a regular basis but are now willing to increase the amount. Seventy-eight percent of Haitian adults in the United States reported having sent a financial contribution to help victims of the earthquake.
Additionally, 62 percent indicated that they were willing to adopt or foster a Haitian orphan from the earthquake. Three-fifths felt that the United States should welcome at least 50,000 new Haitian refugees to alleviate the calamity in the island nation."
For a full report on the poll, please read Andrew Lam's article here.