Finally, word from Delmas coming in

The voice on the other end of the line was full of life. There were no tears, despite the fact that she is surrounded by death.
This afternoon, the Reporter finally got through to a home in the Delmas section of Port-au-Prince where we know our friend and colleague Richardson Innocent has been since the earthquake hit.
Richardson Innocent: Proud Bostonian, Haitian now searching for survivors in DelmasRichardson Innocent: Proud Bostonian, Haitian now searching for survivors in DelmasTida Rosalee Eduoard, 26, who answered the phone at Rue Delmas 33 (the street address) , said that Richardson — a longtime Bostonian who just recently returned to Haiti to help cousins build a rice mill business— was fine. Everyone in the house was fine. The house was standing and, so far, they had enough to eat and drink. Their home was not badly damaged. They were the lucky ones.
"Richardson went to go help people- my cousins," Eduoard told us, explaining that her family members were trapped in the remnants of a five-story structure that had collapsed at Rue Delmas 19.
"There are some deaths in the house. We don't know how many," Eduoard said.
Her cousin, she said, was still trapped inside the rubble. Richardson had gone with many other neighbors to try to dig them out.
No rescue workers have yet been to the street to help them. Much of the neighborhood, however, were on the scene doing whatever they can to find survivors.
"Just neighbors are helping," she said.
Kenson Calixte, who is here in the Boston area, tells the Reporter that he too just got off the phone with an uncle in Delmas. He also reports that few- if any- emergency personnel have reached the area.
"Everyone is sleeping in the street," Calixte relays. "They had another after-shock last night, so no one want to be take a chance."
His uncle thinks that people who live closest to the airport are getting help, a sign that much-needed assistance may soon be on the way.
Back on Rue Delmas, Edouard sounded upbeat, hopeful. And very grateful that someone had bothered to ask.
If someone reading this can help get emergency crews to Rue Delmas 19— it will be most appreciated. It is very close to Citymed Hospital.