February edition of Boston Haitian Reporter now in circulation

BHR February 2010BHR February 2010(Friday, Feb. 12) —The February edition of the Boston Haitian Reporter is now circulation throughout the Greater Boston area. The edition features in-depth coverage of the aftermath of the Jan. 12 earthquake with commentary from Boston Haitian community members, including Francie Latour, Charlot Lucien, Manolia Charlotin, Yolette Ibokette, Ruth Auguste, Fafa Girault, Karl Salomon, and Brian Concannon, Jr., among others.
Other features include: A special report on what Boston-area doctors say must happen next to care for the tens of thousands of amputees and parapalegics now lacking care in Haiti; an interview with one of Haiti's few remaining earthquake specialists about the threat of future disasters; an in-depth look at the city of Boston's crisis center and its lead coordinator George-Marie Jasmin; an examination of how overly-inflated security issues on the ground in Haiti may be hampering relief efforts; how remittances back to Haiti may change in the post-Jan. 12 environment; plus: why the city of Boston and other agencies are concerned about "scams" targeting Haitian-Americans in the wake of the earthquake.
The Boston Haitian Reporter is published monthly and circulates for free throughout the Greater Boston community in stores, restaurants and other venues. The edition can be downloaded in PDF format by clicking on the image of the cover at left.